Give Your Child The Gift Of Comfort, Gift Him Teddyy Changing Mats

Everything is so new for a first time mom and like every mom, I have always wanted to give the best to my kid. But it comes with its own set of challenges. There are so many important things which are required for a baby from the very first day. A checklist has to be made beforehand.
I realized that there are a few essential things which babies require, and a changing mat is definitely one of them. As our baby cannot stay in diapers throughout the day. And during the day time, I always prefer cloth diapers for Ritam. So a changing mat was my most important requirement.
Other than good absorbing quality, there were many more features I was looking for. Finally, I got to know about Teddyy changing mats which fit the bill perfectly. It has got an amazing grip and Ritam feels so comfortable in it.


Its highlights are:

Hygienic and antibacterial It’s a disposable changing mat so it’s completely hygienic. The antibacterial sheet and hypoallergenic formula ensure your kid’s safety from harmful bacteria and allergies.

Travel- friendly :-It’s very easy to carry and fits easily in my diaper bag. I carry it in his stroller as well, without any worrying about him getting cranky due to diaper leakage.

Great absorbing quality :- Its made up of spongy material which absorbs fast, thus keeps the baby completely dry and comfortable. And its criss-cross design prevents leakage and spills. And the best part it also has a gel technology which converts the liquid into gel.

Waterproof sheets:- It has a waterproof backsheet, so I can put it anywhere without any worries. I use it at night too, so that Ritam can have a peaceful sleep even if there is any diaper leakage and also helps me have a stress-free night.

Beautifully designed and doesn’t make your clothes wet:- Many a times, when I was out or when guests come over, I had to think twice before taking Ritam into my arms as I was scared I would spoil my dress, but now with Teddyy Changing Mat I can hold Ritam whenever I want by wrapping him in the mat. I don’t have to worry about anything now as it acts as an extra protection sheet.

Extra protection layer for strollers, beds or crib:- We all buy such expensive strollers or crib or cradles for our child. And if we don’t take care of them or if they get wet then they get damaged and also increases the chances of germs. So Teddyy changing mat acts as an extra protective layer which is waterproof and has a great absorbing quality. Now, I am assured that be it our bed or his stroller or crib, nothing is going to get damaged or get smelly due to wetness anymore.

Value for money and multipurpose : – It has so many features, still it’s priced really low. It’s priced at Rs. 299 for a pack of 10 disposable multipurpose mats. You can easily buy it from Amazon. And it’s definitely value for money as it can be used anywhere and is multipurpose.


It’s such a simple yet such a useful product that has made life easier for both Ritam and me. If you want your baby to be happy and comfortable then Teddyy changing mat is a must-buy product for you. I made the right choice with Teddyy changing mat. Do give it a try. I am sure you will keep ordering it again and again. You can thank me later for it.

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The Snippet of the article :-

Changing mat is one of the most essential things for our babies, since day one. And I am more than happy to use Teddyy changing mat for Ritam. It doesn’t only have good absorbing quality. It also has a waterproof backsheet, anti-bacterial cover, is travel-friendly, soft, and very comfortable. It’s also easy to use and carry offers hygiene as it’s a disposable mat. It keeps my son dry and is very comfortable for him. It’s definitely value for money and can be used anywhere, and thus, it’s multipurpose. I always carry it in his diaper bag, and now it has become so easy to change his diapers anywhere without any hassle.

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  1. These Mats are a blessing for moms n kids alike… I knw how diff it can get specially when travelling when you need to change the baby. You would nt want to put the baby anywer to change and anytime prefer a good mat for them


  2. I had not heard of Teddyy changing mats before. This looks like a great product for the little ones. After all, keeping them comfortable should be a priority!


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